Tapas living policies

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Privacy Policy

At Tapas Living, your privacy is critically important. Your information won’t be shared or sold to anyone, even if they offer to pay millions (although I admit that’ll be hard to refuse).

All client information remains confidential, except when prohibited by law (i.e., expressed intent to harm to oneself or others).

Comments Policy

Share your perspective, feedback, and comments early and often!

As my mother would say, however, it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. So let’s keep the mutual respect society going by following a few guidelines:

Tapas Living values

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  • While not required, consider posting under your real name so we can all get to know one another. You know mine – why not share yours?
  • Strong opinions and spirited debate are encouraged – as part of civil discourse
  • I’m prone to cursing like a truck driver, so feel free to let a few loose.
  • Attacks or disrespect, however, will never be permitted, and icky comments will be deleted.
  • I will determine appropriateness and be responsible for moderating comments.
  • If you’re feeling a@#hole-ish, just read. Don’t comment. You’ll feel better about it later when you’re back to your usual charming self.
  • Unless otherwise stated, comments will remain open.
Tapas Living Guest posts

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Guest Posting

I welcome guest posts – both having them and writing them!

If you’d like to share something with the Tapas Living community (or if you’d like some Tapas Living in yours), email marybeth@tapasliving.com with your idea, and we can get the conversation started.

Posts that are most related to the mission and content of Tapas Living will be seriously considered. A general length of approximately 800 words is advised, but if you need more or can say it in fewer, that’s cool. Images always welcome (as long as they’re credited).

All guest posts should adhere to copyright laws, with complete attributions of all quotes, heavily borrowed content, and images. I reserve the right to run several sentences through Copyscape or another such program to prevent plagiarism on the site.